Still Life

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The album is a collection of 8 tracks with 2 songs included.
The tracks are mainly instrumental,
some old and some new. One (Run On
This Land) even going back 15 years
or so, as I found the demo hidden away
on my PC hard drive.
The two songs \"Face To Face\" and
\"Still Life\" I wanted to get out there,
were written in my days with the band
Quecia. Thanks for stopping by and I
hope you enjoy the music...


Music & Lyrics - Chris Picton Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming - Chris Picton except: Vocals on Face To Face - Hayley McCarrick Vocals on Still Life - Kirsty McCarrick Guitars on Face To Face and Still Life - Paul Ayre Produced by Chris Picton Artwork - Jamie Picton


Progressive Rock


All Rights Reserved

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Still Life
Still Life
  • Judgement Day
  • Face To Face
  • Run On This Land
  • Frozen In Time
  • Still Life
  • Solar Motion
  • Free Fall
  • Sunny Side
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